Final Reflection and Final Portfolio


Checkout my final portfolio here

     This course was designed very differently from courses I have taken in the past. Instead of utilizing primarily canvas for the course it seemed to be more about blogging and then connecting with each other and “hosting” our assignments via twitter. While I have used Twitter in the past for assignments this was a very different experience because posting assignments on Twitter is how you turn the assignment in. Using hypothesis to interact with peers about various assignments was very interesting as well. I found the method to be very beneficial for me because instead of just reading an entire document and then trying to interact with peers I was able to interact with my peers sentence by sentence which I think prompted more peer interaction as a whole than what would have happened otherwise. I know that I really tried to contribute to the course by interacting via Hypothesis with my peers.

It was also interesting to interact with students on assignments when they weren’t even in my specific class. That is definitely a first for me! I really enjoyed the DS106 assignment bank method in general to because I think having so many options allowed me to direct my own learning path, at least to some extent. I imagine it is also refreshing for instructors as well because you aren’t stuck reviewing the same themed project 40 times.

I think overall Remi and Lisa’s course design was a self-guided tour throughout the course. That being said, it was no doubt done by design! About five years ago I took an online course where all of the assignments were posted the first day with all of the deadlines and then the instructor literally did not respond the entire session and then seemingly just posted random grades for everyone at the end. While that was also a self-guided tour of sorts, this was a completely different experience. Due to the fact that every time I posted something on Twitter I had a like notification from both instructors almost instantly, there was feedback on various posts and every email was responded to on the same day. All of these factors made me feel like there was definitely instructors present during the course they were just being more of a fly on the wall.

I would say that yes after this course my idea of what an “instructor” is has changed slightly. This course proved that having peers interact with one another and create content directly with each other brought a whole different level to the learning environment than more traditional methods. The feedback I would like to share with both Remi and Lisa is, thank you for such a rollercoaster of a course and showing me that there are several different approaches that can be done to teach a course effectively. I hope you both have a great rest of your summer!


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