Week 7 Reflection


Almost at the end of the session already! This week has been so hectic trying to get the final DS106 project complete! Who knew it would take basically three full days of downloading, editing and filming to create such a small video? In retrospect though I definitely went overboard with it having included about 15 different movie or TV show clips of video and or audio into just one trailer. I feel that I did an outstanding job on the project and really met my goal which was to go out with a bang!

The reading this week was very interesting as well. It made me feel a bit uncomfortable to be speaking about race because that is always a touchy subject but at the same time it is something that needs to be discussed. I thought the timing for such a read was right in line with what we have been seeing more and more on the news in recent months. While having read both our assigned readings and my scholar driven video on the subject has changed my thought process about the idea of having the answer to be not to judge people based on race I still have the basic beliefs. I think more than anything I saw what the problem is with being color blind. However, I wonder if more people didn’t interpret the basic idea of the term the same way I originally did. To me when I think colorblind I wasn’t thinking about it in the terms of not embrassing that we all are different and unique but thought about it in the sense that people shouldn’t judge others negatively just because of their heritage. I think perhaps just changing the term to something such as color openness or something would better define that ideal.

I think overall this week was my most successful because I really put in a huge amount of time to create something meaningful both to showcase what I have learned throughout the session as far as editing video and audio and also to create something that my daughter would be truly proud of which was my theme throughout the session. After watching my final video I know that there will be several versions to come. I started thinking more about the video being through my daughters eyes and now wonder if perhaps I should do a cartoon version that wouldn’t seem scary? My daughter loved the video and seemed to get the point that it was supposed to be exciting but I wonder if her friends might get scared of all of the explosions.


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