Angry Boat (Story Critique)

angry boat

     For this week’s digital story critique I wanted to find something on making movie trailers to help figure out how to make an epic trailer for my other class assignment. I found a YouTube video literally titled, “How to make an EPIC movie trailer!” It is a short four minute video and the author really gets straight to the point on discussing what epic movie trailers include. According to the video, epic trailers include the “angry boat” noise, slow motion, people running, scale, impacts and explosions and fading to black.

The video was created pretty perfectly in my opinion. It included the author explaining each point in a fun and entertaining way. With these types of instructional videos the author’s tone and way of speaking can be so important because if they are explaining things in a monotone voice it can create the audience to become uninterested in the material quickly. This author was upbeat and funny so it was entertaining throughout. The video also included several layers with text appearing on the screen and even short movie video clips to provide examples of movie trailers that included the list of characteristics.

While the author is speaking the background behind him is a solid color so it helps keep you focused on the topic at hand. The way that he is speaking throughout the video to my implied that it was scripted but also practiced to have an interesting delivery. I feel like he rehearsed the video prior because he easily goes through each part without any hesitation or getting off track. In most of the previous story critiques I have done I can easily point out things that could be improved but this time I will simply say bravo!


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