Week 6 Reflection


Well, this week didn’t go too as well as you can see by the fact that I am posting it in technically week 7. Unfortunately there were some events last week that kept me from completing everything. That being said, I took my time this week to catch up on all of the assignments and I feel that I did them well. My DS106 assignment this week went really well because I liked the way that it turned out visually and also that my daughter loved it!

What I enjoyed the most was doing my DS106 project. I truly enjoy being able to create things which may be evidenced by the fact that I am an art teacher. I just really love being able to create things visually and the assignment itself was really fun so that didn’t hurt. The challenge was to create a mashup of photos to create a fun movie poster. Being that my theme is “In the Eyes of a Toddler” I decided to make it about a movie she enjoys. This summer we went to go see Finding Dory and she absolutely loved it! Ironically we also have been kayaking a bunch this summer so I had photos ready to go for the mashup. When I showed my daughter the final product she just giggled away and loved it so I would call that a win! What I would do differently is I would have gotten more done earlier in the week before everything went crazy later in the week but as they say, hindsight is 20/20.

The reading this week was the most interesting reading assignment we have been given in my opinion. I really enjoyed thinking deeper about what the difference is between ‘surface learning’ and ‘deep learning’. In some ways it may seem to be common sense but at the same time not really. I remember so many instances growing up that I was made to just memorize information. I have bought more packs of index cards that I care to admit and looking back how much did I really learn from it? Learning is more about just that, learning.

It makes me wonder if online learning hasn’t had a drastic effect on how we look at education. I was in community college when online classes really started to take off and I remember how much instructors struggled to make sure that we were getting a quality education by doing it online. For instance, I had one instructor that would time the tests and make it an extremely small time frame to keep students from being able to look up the answers. Even in those cases, it was unsuccessful as I remember peers making plans to take the test at the same time and talk each other through it as they went. So by redefining how we learn and making it more about showing your understanding of the material it really takes out the issue of cheating in online learning in my opinion. So that being said, I wonder if online education had an effect on how we are learning in general now as a whole?


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