Dory Found! I Repeat Dory Found!(Week 6 DS106 Assignment)


     This week my assignment was to create a silly movie poster. Keeping with my storytelling theme of “Through the Eyes of a Toddler” I decided to do something fun with my daughter’s current favorite movie, Finding Dory. I wanted something that Ashlyn would find funny and I knew the best way to get her excited would be to add her picture to the photo. Originally, I found many Finding Dory photos but none that would really match with photos of my daughter. I decided to start with finding the photo of my daughter that I wanted to use first.

After going through numerous photos of Ashlyn either in a bathing suit or in a kayak I finally decided on a photo of her in a kayak where she was looking distinctly to her left. Next, I began looking through photos from Finding Dory where she is on the left side of the photo. I found a couple but mashing the photos together just didn’t quite fit. I realized the photo of my daughter she is in a lake so why would crystal clear blue water be under her? That observation sent me on a different route to instead look for a photo of Dory in murky water. I was almost to the point of just adding a filter to make the water look dirty when I landed on a photo of Dory not only on the left side of the photo but also looking up in the perfect direction!

The only issue with the photo now was the fact that it didn’t have the title of the movie on it. I found the logo and added it to the top of the poster and then used PowerPoint to add text to the bottom of the poster. When the image was complete I took a screenshot of the entire screen and cropped it to just the final image. This way it is one complete photo. I showed the image to my daughter and she kept giggling and pointing at the picture and said, “Look! I am with Dory mama! I found her! Heehee I found Dory but she will keep swimming!”. I asked her what her favorite part of the picture was and she said, “I like Dory!”. This was a really fun assignment and I am really glad it was a hit with my daughter.


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