Just Keep Swimming! (Week 5 Reflection)


     Wow! Week 5 has come to an end already! Well, this week was certainly an interesting one. It began with the fourth of July and we had a lot planned for that day naturally. So my school week didn’t really actually start until Tuesday. Unfortunately all of my big plans to get everything done before the weekend went right down the toilet when I ended up getting food poisoning really bad. I am just now getting to finish up everything but I am bummed because I really wanted to get assignments in sooner. That being said, I feel like all of my assignments came out really well.

The assignment that gave me trouble was again also my favorite! The mashup assignment gave me trouble because I had to figure out how to crop out my daughter’s photo and put it on top of a different one. I have done similar assignments in the past but when I did them before I used Photoshop and that is one program I don’t have anymore. So I searched around on the internet for a great deal of time before finally finding a program that would work! Luckily, once I got my daughter’s photo cropped the way that I wanted to the rest of the project was easy because I knew the direction I wanted to take the assignment from there.

I’m not really sure what I would do differently aside from the timing of the assignments. I do wonder if perhaps there is a site out there that is similar to Photoshop (isn’t Gimp) and is free! I love cropping one photo to add to another or even the idea of cropping multiple photos and putting them all together but I need something that will not cost a ton.


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