Bring It Villains!!!

Picture2ljgjhb     This weeks mashup was about taking a photograph and putting it into a different image. I had a ton of ideas right off the bat but then I realized that I needed to incorporate my theme “Through the Eyes of a Toddler”. So I started by sifting through photos of my daughter trying to find inspiration through a certain photograph. I finally narrowed it down to three photos. In one photo she was only about six months old and was holding a little book and smiling with this adorable green hat from St. Patty’s Day. Another photo was of my chameleon with a birthday hat on which would count because it is also my daughter’s pet. Then the third photograph, which is the one I ended up deciding on, was of my daughter in a little pink batgirl outfit smiling all innocent and proud of herself because she knew how cute she looked. I saw it and instantly envisioned Ashlyn in her little innocent outfit next to the super heroes themselves in one of those action packed movie poster poses.

 My next step was to figure out how in the world I was going to cut out her image so that I could put it on the other photo. I have done the technique before but that was back when I had money and could afford Photoshop. So I decided finally that I would find a trial version of something similar to Photoshop. My first stop was to try gimp. It took a really long time to download and when it finally did I found out I didn’t like it all. I felt very let down by the gimp option so I downloaded and tried a few other programs. I finally ended up using Clipping Magic which is a site you have to pay monthly to use but it works like a dream! I was able to lasso her picture in now time at all and add it to the background photo. I enlarged her photo to make her look almost as tall as the other superheroes in the photo. The best part of this whole assignment was the look on my daughters face when she saw it. She lit right up and said, “Let’s do this!”

The final part of this assignment was to create a story to describe what is happening in the photo. In this case we have Batgirl with her gang of trusty sidekicks, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman at her side! Originally, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman were going to take on Lex Luther and his hideous creation but then they realized they would never stand a chance unless they had the one and only Batgirl at their side! Batgirl didn’t hesitate and joined in to lead the team to victory! Hip hip hooray for Batgirl! Villains will now be thinking twice before wreaking havoc on a city when Batgirl is around!


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