Alleke’s Potty Training Video (Week 5 Story Critique)


This week I decided to find a digital story that is relevant to something current at our house lately, potty training. The dreaded potty training! I wanted to find a video that I could show to Ashlyn where another little girl was explaining and going through the steps to. I found the video Alleke’s Potty Training Video that did just that! The author is involved in the video by being the narrator. Since the star of the film looks like she is around two she needed some help explaining the steps along the way.

The online space that brings the story to life is a bathroom so that Alley could show everyone the steps and how she uses the potty. I feel that the video could have been improved by adding some more dimensions to the video. There is some text that appears to explain the various steps but that is about it. There are also a lot of slow parts during the video. I think it could have been edited to cut out the time in the video that really wasn’t needed such as the part in the beginning where the little girl is sitting on the potty and just reading instead of going potty.

After watching the video the next step was to show it to my daughter and see if it could gain her interest. At first she wanted to watch something else instead but once the little girl started talking it got her attention. As we watched the video I had my daughter on her little potty at the same time. She got excited about the video and wanted to watch it multiple times so I was really excited about that but sadly she never used the bathroom she just sat on the toilet. Of course I did not expect her to be miraculously potty trained after having just watched such a small video but I will call it a win because at least we are introducing her to the topic and getting her to talk about it.

There was another video that I found that was Daniel Tiger explaining how to use the potty. It is actually just an episode of the TV show that focuses on potty training. I found the video much more useful because it has catchy phrases in a sing song type tone which my daughter really responds to. I also liked that it addressed not wanting to stop doing something such as playing with blocks even though you have to use the potty. I think it is really important to address those types of things because the idea of stopping a task to use the restroom is part of the process that is new to little ones. I think overall the Alleke video was successful at explaining the steps but I also think there are other videos such as the previously mentioned Daniel Tiger video that help get children excited about using the potty.


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