Week 4 Reflection: Happy 4th of July!!


Wow, is it really the half way mark already?! I have to say this week flew by the quickest but perhaps that is because it is a holiday weekend. Or perhaps it is because it is as they say, “Time flies when you are having fun!” Either way the fourth week is coming to a close and it has been an interesting one. I think I did really well on all of my assignments this week and I know that I really enjoyed reading everyone else’s response to our assignments.

The assignment I enjoyed the most this week was the motivation poster I designed. I liked it because I thought it was a really cute take on motivational posters and I was really excited I happened to have a picture of my daughter with a mountain to go with it! I think what gave me the most trouble this week was doing the readings and providing feedback. I find that when I read articles that use a lot of words to explain something that could be summed up much quicker I tend to lose interest and it takes a lot of effort to stay engaged. Luckily this is where the annotations really become helpful for me! When I start to zone out on the readings I take a break and read some of the comments that my peers have noted and I find myself drawn back in to the topic. If only everything had annotations!

One thing I need to be doing differently is making sure that I am also completing assignments during the middle of the week. This week I was ahead of where I needed to be for the first few days and then didn’t become fully engaged again until towards the end of the week. I feel that that was really due to the fact that I had three curriculums to write and turn in for the upcoming fall for work. I thought that I had allotted enough time for everything but unfortunately we had many fires going on all towards the end of the work week. Luckily, that means that I do not have to create curriculum for the rest of the summer and can now participate more every single day instead of having such narrow windows of time to get work done in. I think overall I met expectations this week. So I say cheers to this week and I hope everyone has a very fun and safe 4th of July!!


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