Kayaks and Toddlers Go Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly! (Story Critique for Week 4)


For this week’s story critique I decided to scope out a video on kayaking and toddlers. It goes well with my theme, “Through the Eyes of a Toddler” because it isn’t showing how an adult should kayak but rather has tips on how to do the activity with a toddler. The timing for this is also perfect because it is now kayak season here in the state of Washington and I just bought a kayak to take out with my daughter! I have kayaked with her before but it was with other people and I wanted to know if there were any tips out there that perhaps I hadn’t heard of yet.

When watching the video I first was keeping my eye out for literacy dimensions. It didn’t have as many dimensions to it as I had hoped. There was music in the background and text appeared every once in a while but that was about it. The space and sites of this video are crucial because it gives you the opportunity to see the directions on how to kayak with a toddler in action. For example, in the video the water is actually pretty choppy and the wind seemed to be picking up so this gave a good example that what they were doing worked even in the not so perfect weather.

Based upon my assessment of literacy dimensions I think this video could have some major changes to improve audience engagement. For example, due to the wind picking up it caused a lot of static in the video. I think the audio could have been improved by muting the entire video and then having audio laid over it after the fact. A narrator explaining what was happening in the video and providing tips. Also at the end of the video it would have been helpful if they had given additional information such as links to other sites that would explain certain aspects in more detail. For example, in the video they mention the importance of a child having a life jacket on but no tips on where to find a good life jacket for a child or what type of jacket to search for.

Overall I feel that the video provided what it said it would in the title but with little to no pizazz. I would like to see them make more videos in the future with better audio and more references to further information on the subject. That being said I did enjoy seeing the little boy so excited to go on his first kayaking adventure! My daughter went on her first kayaking trip last summer right after she had turned 2 and had an incredible time. I think it is so important to introduce little ones to the outdoors.


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