Week 4 Motivational Poster


This weeks creation was to create a motivational poster that focused on my story telling theme. My theme is “Through the Eyes of a Toddler” so I knew right away that the photo would be of my daughter. Not sure what photo I wanted to choose quite yet I decided to look through quotes first. Dr. Seuss has some of my favorite quotes so I began the process by looking at his work. When I found the quote “Kid. You’ll Move Mountains” I immediately thought of when we talk our daughter to Mnt. Rainier.

The next step in the process was to figure out how to create the poster. I settled on using PowerPoint because I knew I could add  text to the background with ease. The photo compliments the quote perfectly because not only does it literally have a mountain and a kid in it but it was the story behind the photo for me as well. The photo was taken last Winter right after we had hiked up the mountain at least a mile each way. That may not seem like much of a deal, unless you are a two year old. My daughter was so proud of herself because not only did she hike up the glorious mountain but she did so for the first time without asking me to carry her. It was a moment where I felt this sense of pride for her because I knew she realized she can do anything she puts her mind to!


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