Week Three Reflection


Each week seems to be getting better than the last! I feel that I completed the tasks this week in a more timely manner than the last two weeks but I still need to get stuff done a bit earlier. I felt like I was just behind the curve on a couple of assignments and I know that can affect my peers trying to respond to my posts.Next week I will make it a point to really have everything done and turned in as early in the week as possible.

I think the main thing that gave me trouble this week was also my favorite, the video creation. It gave me the most trouble because I got so excited about it and I didn’t want to stop which in turn also put me behind in other assignments because I only have so much time to a lot for homework each day. In the example I saw on the ds106 page the person only created a few videos that were connected where I ended up using probably a dozen videos, and that is the edited version! When given the task to sum up the last three years of my child’s life in three minutes you end up finding that you simply cant include all of the special moments which is really a great problem to have!

I really didn’t have any issues this week with my work relating to my theme. I have luckily found a correlation almost immediately for each assignment.

My self assessment for this week is a tough call. I feel like with certain assignments such as my video I would definitely say exceeding expectations but given that I didn’t get everything on Friday that was due Friday my time brings me to below expectations. I strive to do each assignment to the best of my ability and moving forward I need to find more time in the beginning of the week to get ahead of the game.


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