3 Years in 3 Minutes!

12744608_10208385212525230_4070605742855445112_n - Copy

This weeks challenge was to create a video that paid homage to something I care about. I knew immediately I wanted to create a video about my daughter but I had no idea what approach to take at first. So I started by looking through my videos and realizing I had most of the good ones only on Facebook. As I looked at the videos on my Facebook library I realized I had a really good selection of videos of my daughter all throughout the last three years. That is when the light bulb moment happened! I started downloading and saving all of the videos I had of Ashlyn on Facebook and saving them in a format that would work for My Movie on Windows.

When I first downloaded everything I had over five minutes of material and that was when the idea came to me to cut it down to three minutes even. I accomplished my time goal by selecting smaller portions of each video as well as omitting a couple of videos. The process took a long time because it felt impossible to let any of the material go. At first my intention was to mute the videos and add just one song to play as the videos went but as I was watching it over to make sure I had the videos in the right order I realized how much the audio made the movie. Without the original audio the viewer would have really missed out on the special moments being conveyed such as Ashlyn’s great grandmother singing to her when she was just an infant.

The final steps of creating the movie involved creating a beginning and an ending for my video. For the intro, I decided to create a page on PowerPoint. Then for the end of the video I found a credits option to add in My Movie. I found it quite comical to have a whole section at the end for credits and to only put my name! This was one of those projects that I could have continued to tweak for weeks to really get it the way I want it. I had a lot of fun seeing my daughters life shown in this fun little cliff note version. I feel very inspired to make her more movies in the future now. It also should be noted that my daughter absolutely loved her video and made me play it for her several times!

Checkout the video here!


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