Week 2 Reflective Summary

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I feel like this week started off really well and then I became quickly overwhelmed again. On the one hand, I am definitely starting to get the hang of the structure of the class but the workload is still feeling very overwhelming. I am finding myself spending multiple hours every day working on things in order to try and keep up. That being said, I am proud of the assignments that I did this week especially the audio assignment. I enjoyed that one the most as well because I knew how excited my daughter would be by it. I also learned a lot doing the audio assignment because it required me to look into how create things in a way that I have never done. For example, I had no idea I could get a video off of Facebook and put it on YouTube! That is very exciting for me because I lost a lot of videos on my phone and only had access to them from Facebook. You know small little videos such as my daughter’s first steps! So needless to say I am thankful for that new skill!

One thing that gave me a lot of trouble was sound cloud but mainly only because I didn’t understand what it was! It rejected the music I wanted to add to my account multiple times even though the sites I had downloaded them from said it was free for downloads. I struggled with it for over an hour before finally getting the audio I wanted to download. After all of that though I realized that the site wouldn’t let me combine songs at all or least not that I could see, oops! What I would do differently is avoid sound cloud all together and just stick with Audacity, PowerPoint and Windows Movie Maker to make the video. I am not sure what the larger issues surrounding my work are really except just finding the time for everything. I think I began the week exceeding expectations and then began to falter a bit.  New week, new goals!


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