Week One Reflection


If I had to sum up the first week of coursework in one word it would be, wow! I began the class on the wrong foot because I didn’t realize classes had begun until four days after it started. I am not new to online courses by any means so I figured the first week would be much as it has been in my previous courses, basically reading over the syllabus and figuring out what assignments would be coming up. Ha! Yeah, right! This class started with a serious bang! I feel like it took me several hours of signing up for different accounts and trying to navigate my way through several sites in an attempt to figure out what was being expected of me. So if I were to narrow down one thing that was the most challenging this first week it would be just that, figuring out what I am supposed to be doing.

That being said, I am very excited to see where this course takes me because it is so completely different than anything I am used to. I would like to also add that I already really like the professor for this course and no I am not saying that because he may read this! As I was struggling to stay afloat during these first assignments he emailed me more than once to check in and offer help. That is not what I am used to at all. In my previous experience working on my bachelor’s degree, it seemed to be the point to see how strict and intense everything could be. I am so appreciative that this course, while jam packed with assignments, is focused solely on students learning the material, working with peers and finding out more about digital stories.

Although I was admittedly late on at least half of the assignments for the first week, I feel that I gave each assignment my all and really tried to achieve the goals of the assignment. That being said, I do hope if I missed anything I will be informed so I can rectify that ASAP. With having assignments in so many different locations I am fearful I am missing something.

So far what I have enjoyed the most is being able to connect with my peers through the annotations. Granted the same thing that has given me the most joy has also lead to the most time spent reading through everything. During this weeks readings I kept getting caught up in what everyone was noting about the reading it ended up taking me at least ten times as long to get through the article. I learned a lot from everyone’s responses to the reading though because it helped me view the content from multiple points of view which was literally the point of the article.

If I could do week one over again I would have signed up on time and got started right away! I would have started early in the morning before my toddler woke up and then more in the evening when she went to bed as I have found it basically impossible to get anything done with my little one in thousand questions mode. “Mama…mama…what are you doing? Mama……MAMA!…HI!” is the dialogue I get when I attempt to take my attention off of her in any way. (She is lucky she is so awesome and I love her or I may have gone nuts this past week).

As far as what questions I have at this point I think it is basically the same as it was the first day I started the coursework, how do I figure out if I did everything that was assigned? I keep having this nagging feeling I am missing stuff. If I had to scale the quality of work I did this week based on the first 48 hours after I started I would say below expectations but at this point I feel like I am much closer to meeting expectations and am very hopeful to be able to report exceeds expectations for future weeks!



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