Samples! Get Your Samples! (Response to Chapter One Course Reading)


     One of the assignments this week was to read Lankshear and Knobel (2007) Chapter 1: Sampling “the new” in new literacies. I found the discussion on what is considered “new” literacies to be very interesting. In the article, it discusses the viewpoint that a “new” literacy fits into one of two categories, “technical stuff” and “ethos stuff”. A “new” literacy  can be considered with just new “ethos stuff” but “technical stuff” is only seen as a “new” literacy if it is combined with the new “ethos stuff”. At first I was surprised by that but then it began to make sense. If it is the same material it is nothing new, period. In relation to digital storytelling, I wonder if we have more “new” literacies or I suppose the opposite would be clarified as “old” literacies on the internet. I know a lot of teachers that are using new technologies to explain “old” material to students. I don’t see that as a bad thing necessarily, especially if you are a history teacher, I just think it is interesting to distinguish between the types.

The next section that really caught my eye was the portion on Web 1.0 and Web 2.0. The article shows Web 1.0 as things like Britannica Online, Personal Websites and Netscape to name a few. All of these things not too long ago were extremely relevant and considered “new”. Then we look at Web 2.0 which is considered to be things such as Wikipedia, Blogging and Google. My first thought is my daughter is going to be researching about “Web 8.0” one day and what I am considering “new” is going to be old school! Going back to discussing comparing Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 though the article discusses how Web 2.0 is how it “embraces the power of the web to harness collective intelligence”. Back in my Britannica Online days I would have never considered being able to update the information provided on the site itself!

On this same note, I think of websites such as EdX which provides users with free access to a plethora of online college courses. I remember the first time I heard about EdX and it seemed to good to be true! A website that would allow me to literally take a Harvard college course including videos of the lectures that were literally the same exact lectures as the Harvard students taking the class (and paying for it) on campus. Granted the one catch here is that the courses do not provide you with actual college credits but it does give a certificate and will even give you a more official certificate for a nominal fee. I find the website to be incredible because it allows literally anyone with internet access the access to knowledge that would otherwise be unattainable. Not only that, but since the website came out I have read several stories about people that actually were able to apply what they learned in these courses to obtain their dream jobs! Check out the success stories here!

Link to Article


In the spirit of moving towards a path that is more interactive, I decided that my interest-driven addition to this reading would be finding a scholarship that would be for a career in the direction of new technologies and interacting with what you are creating. What could be more new and interactive than a career in game design right?

Being an avid video gamer myself, I have always wondered what it would be like to design video games for a living. The idea of spending your career creating the next best video game has got to be amazing! Have you ever checked into how much a Game Design degree will cost you though? A basic search reveals that it will run you anywhere from 6,000-15,000 dollars a semester! Cost of video game degrees in more detail.

Given how pricey such a degree is to obtain I decided to look more into scholarships available and stumbled on a scholarship offered by Penny Arcade. The scholarship seems to only be awarded to one student per year. The winner received 10,000 dollars which when you consider how much each semester will run you for such a degree it seems to be just a drop in the bucket but hey every penny counts! (pun intended)

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