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Today’s Daily Create was to decide what would be in Scooby-Doo’s Mystery Machine. My first thought was the scene from the movie Riddick where he has been arrested and is sitting in the back of a plane about to head to his new prison. His captors mocked him while he was chained to the back of the plane and Riddick responds in his mind in an epic scene. Here is the Riddick scene for those that haven’t seen the movie. Watch from about the 30 second mark. I loved this scene of the movie because it was the calm before the storm. The next part that happens is he ends up escaping his captors and goes to find his enemy. I felt that the scene would be appropriate because it is how I am feeling in my online class right now (minus the mocking captors of course). It is just the beginning, the moment before I spread my wings and really soar in this #ILT5340 course.

The second part to this is I decided instead of doing an edited photo I would try to make a GIF of the two photos I had in mind with the added text “All Back Of The Bus”. You can click on the GIF here. Unfortunately I have not figured out how to make the GIF work on my WordPress site. I was able to get it to work finally (after much trial and error) to Twitter and Facebook but for WordPress so far the best I can do is a link. If anyone of my peers reading this know how it is done please let me know!


All Back Of The Bus!!

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