All About Those Tats!(#tdc1618 Paperback Paradise)


This Daily Create was about finding an old book cover and then revamping it to make it your own. I was drawn to this book on vintage tattoos because I have always found it interesting how tattoos have progressed over the years. Remember when it was popular for guys to get barbed wire wrapped around their arm? Or when it was popular for a woman to have a tattoo on her lower back? At first having a lower back tattoo was seen as really cool and then out of seemingly nowhere it got the horrid nickname “tramp stamp” and that was the end of that. Luckily, I never wanted to get that one so I dodged the bullet on that one!

Once, I picked out the picture the next step was figuring out what to add to it. The first thing that came to mind was adding my name because if I am changing it then I become an author right? At first I was going to try to add some little blue birds to his back to represent twitter but I saw another student add twitter birds to their photo so I didn’t want to copy. Then I started thinking about hashtags and how it has become such a new thing in recent years. So I figured I would spruce up this guys back with some sweet hashtags and what better hashtag to use than the ones representing the course I am taking.


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