Digital Story Telling Critique #1: Simple Kodu Tutorial

0576.Kodu-Character_01D45528Stuart Ridout made a video on how to create a very basic game using Kodu. Kodu is a free program that you can download to your computer or onto your XBOX to create your very own unique video game! Kodu is great because it is a very introductory version of creating video games. The company I work for Smart with Art, uses Kodu to introduce game design to elementary aged students. I chose this video to critique because I wanted to explore some of the introductory videos on Kodu that I can use to show students.

For this critique I will be using Jason Ohler’s Assessment Traits. The first part of the video that I will critique is the story itself. How well did the story work? Well, in my opinion it worked perfectly! The video did not have a lot of bells and whistles but it was straight to the point and showed the viewer step by step how to do each objective. I was engaged the entire time because he wasn’t babbling off on side topics but rather just cutting to the chase and showing me what I wanted to know which was how to use the program. I think this is very important because videos that drag on for a long time tend to bore students very quickly! This video simply shows them what they want to know in a very short period of time.

As far as the research, I think it is pretty evident that Stuart did his homework prior to creating the video. During the video, he clearly shows how to do each step without having to look up anything or stalling. He also includes several options to achieve various goals such as getting kodu to move using both the keyboard and controller.

I feel that Stuart had a very clear sense of audience when creating this video because once again he just cut to the point of the video. I have lost count on how many videos I have watched where the narrator goes on and on about themselves and how well they know the material instead of just showing what we want to know. So thank you Stuart for getting that the point of the video was showing how to use the program!

Here is the link for the Kodu video

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